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What is the Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service

The Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service was established by the Automotive Industrial Partnership to help develop a skilled workforce for the future.

The Matching Service re-directs high quality talent from over-subscribed automotive apprenticeship programmes to other companies within the sector that have similar opportunities. By actively working with both companies and candidates, our mission is to ensure that talent is harnessed and retained within the automotive industry.

UK Automotive Sector At A Glance


UK Manufacturing Industry Turnover in Billions (2014).


UK cars built which were exported.


Automotive suppliers in the UK.


People employed in the UK Automotive supply chain.

Creating A World Class Workforce

Latest Automotive Apprenticeship News

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What The Automotive Industry Says


    We are proud to say that Komatsu have provided Apprenticeships for nearly three decades. Komatsu UK’s Apprenticeship scheme is a way of safeguarding the future of our business by ensuring that we have the skilled people necessary to step into new roles. But we are also committed to safeguarding the future of the region’s engineering skills pool. We receive a high number of good quality applicants for our Apprenticeship opportunities, so we are delighted to be able to support the Apprentice matching service by passing on any potential candidates who may still be available at the end of the recruitment process.

    Tracey Wilson, Senior Manager HR and Corporate Affairs, Komatsu UK Ltd

    Komatsu UK

    The Apprenticeship Matching Service is an absolute boon at this moment in time in that it addresses the issue of "what next?" for some very bright and capable young people who may just have fallen at the first hurdle in a very high standard of Apprenticeship. It also addresses the often vexing issue for employers of where to go to find some real talent to fill their Apprenticeship plans. I wish the Service every success over the coming years.

    Geoff Ford MBE, Chairman of Alliance members, Ford Component Manufacturing

    Ford Component Manufacturing
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UK Automotive Skills


People employed across UK Automotive Industry


People directly employed in UK Automotive Manufacturing


Young people began engineering and manufacturing apprenticeships in 2013 (Semta)


Automotive manufacturing jobs will need to be replaced by 2020