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Automotive Apprentice Success Stories

An apprenticeship is a real job. And employers respect them. In fact, they think that apprentices are 15% more employable than those with other qualifications. You'll be working alongside experienced people, supporting them and learning from them as you go. Working at least 30 hours a week, you’ll gain most of the training you need in the workplace. But you may also go to a college, training provider, training centre or learn online to gain vital skills and qualifications.


Aisling's Story

Woodshop Apprentice

Aisling's Story

Woodwork was the part of her GCSE in Resistant Materials that Aisling most enjoyed. After leaving school, she visited Chichester College to find out about its Furniture Making & Design course. While she was there, she asked about apprenticeships, heard about Rolls-Royce, and immediately decided to apply.

Ironically, working at the world’s leading luxury car company, Aisling doesn’t drive yet. Her boss encouraged her join the company’s lift-sharing scheme, making life easier both for her and her dad. Initially, she also struggled with the early mornings, so Rolls Royce staggered her start times to help her get acclimatised.

From the outset, she’s been fascinated to observe how simple materials are turned into beautiful, intricate parts that fit so precisely and elegantly into the handcrafted cars. She’s already decided that she wants to stay at Rolls-Royce once her Apprenticeship finishes – and work her way up as high as she can go!


Sophie's Story

Assembly Apprentice

Sophie's Story

I chose to do an apprenticeship because I felt it would be the prime opportunity to gain more qualifications, develop my business experiences and to earn while I was learning at the same time.

I found out about GMFJ via the Jobcentre. The GMFJ system was very easy to use. It enabled me to complete my profile easily and in the long run, this would allow me to apply for roles in a much more efficient manner. The system is great for employers to search for particular candidates so your profile is important to highlight you as a person. I applied for my current role and within a month of applying for the role, I had been offered my apprenticeship.

My apprenticeship has been varied over the past 3 years. I have been given the chance to work in different parts of the business, which has helped me to utilise what I have learnt through my studies. My main role is to assist with the development of the apprenticeship programme within my company and to offer support and guidance to anyone looking to further their career. Since then, I have been trusted to take on different projects and this has enabled me to develop many skills. The experiences I have had so far are second to none and I am so glad I decided on this route for my career.

My apprenticeship gave me the experience I was looking for. It has filled me with confidence and I would recommend anyone to go for an apprenticeship as the lessons are invaluable and the possibilities are endless.


Tobie's Story

Engineering Apprentice

Tobie's Story

I chose an Apprenticeship as I thought that I would prove myself much more in a working environment than an academic one, which doesn't mean I am not academic just that this is how I prefer to show case my knowledge.

I found using GetMyFirstJob extremely easy, I just signed up, logging my details and my qualifications along with the type of job role that I was looking for and within only a week I had my first interview sorted. It was my only interview as I got the job, I was extremely impressed with how easy it was and I felt like everything was done really well and professionally.

I have always wanted to be successful and I feel that starting from the bottom and working my way up is the best option for me! I have to manage the office and pretty much everything that goes on. My duties include making sure payments are carried out, speaking to clients and putting together reports that are going out to our clients. It makes me feel that I am doing something worthwhile and actually helping to make a difference in the work place. My progression within the company has been huge and I am personally impressed about how fast I am progressing during my course.

I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship; it's possibly the best thing available for people that don't necessarily want to continue in an academic place, because you're learning while working and getting paid for it! You get a good knowledge of real working life, although I have only been in this placement for just under a month I feel that I have learnt 10 X more in my course than I did in a year of education!

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